Ever wondered what the cost of living is in Ireland

It should be noted that in general the cost of living in the Republic of Ireland is decreasing. However, as Ireland had become one of the most expensive places to live in recent years, this decrease might not be readily apparent to those who have recently moved or intend to move here.

Nevertheless, electricity and gas prices are on the decrease. There are obvious reductions in the price of food as a consequence of the arrival of Lidl/Aldi and also because the recession (depression) has made people more aware of what they spend.

House prices have collapsed throughout Ireland and this would be regarded as a good time to buy. Some might argue that it might be better to wait but that is a decision for the individual purchaser. Car insurance has also decreased in recent years but it is likely that insurance prices compare poorly with other EU countries.

Restaurant and drink prices are extortionate particularly in urban areas: it is not impossible to pay 5 € for a pint in some Dublin pubs and an extra levy is piled on after 11 pm. Cigarettes are fast approaching 9 € per pack. Petrol averages at 113 cents per litre and while this cost fluctuates, it has become much cheaper to purchase good second-hand vehicles, again because of the economic collapse.

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For those with children, clothes are relatively inexpensive. The cost of education is quite high and while the State does provide ‘free’ education, the ancillary costs such as books, school outings, sports gear etc. can be prohibitively expensive.

Living in Ireland is still quite expensive and an additional and important negative is the huge increase in unemployment: a situation that is likely to worsen. (One temporary teaching vacancy in Dublin recently attracted 1200 applicants from qualified teachers).

As in all cases where one is weighing up the advantages/disadvantages of immigration, there are so many factors to take into account. Not least is the quality of life. Ireland with its low levels of crime, friendliness and generally relaxed pace of life is a worthy consideration but there are still many negatives in relation to affordability.

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